Binary Pawn - FAQ

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions.

What services do you provide?

We provide digital marketing services and create websites. We strongly believe it is better to be best in one area than average in plenty of them.

Web solutions include creating high-quality websites. We are using the best technology depending on your requirement. Web solutions include:

  • Webshops: built in Shopify, eCommerce, Open Cart, PrestaShop, Big Commerce, Magento, or fully custom webshop
  • Personal website: blog or portfolio, at your request built in CMS or written from scratch.
  • Business website: digital agency, coffee shop, gym, sports club, or something else?

Digital marketing in an era of social media, being relevant to them is very important. Marketing is a psychology that we are investing in every day. We provide:

  • Instagram: designing an instagram page and promoting through ads.
  • Facebook: reach more people every day!
  • TikTok: advertising through short videos
  • Internet: start showing up on Youtube and other pages which are showing ads!

The price depends on your request. There are a lot of conditions that affect the price of the final service. The biggest impact on price effort required to finish the project.

Here are some costs that are inevitable : web hosting, domain . Another impact do you want a fully custom website, a site built in some CMS ( WP, Joomla, Shopify..), or a web system (e.g. some advanced panel )

You can book free consulting and after we create a sketch, we can make you an offer.

We deliver the website as soon as it is possible. We need the logo and text that you want to show up on your website. We also can hire a photographer and write texts by ourselves, but that costs extra.

Normal delivery time is 7 - 14 days.

We meet multiple times, firstly, we meet at consulting and we present you a sketch of your product so you can say: "I don't like it, I want it this way" and we can easily adjust everything.

Also, before launching a project, we meet up so there is no way you will dislike the product!

In the 21st century, everything is online: shopping, news, social media, and even schools are online. Researches show that the average adult spends 35 - 45 minutes on social media daily and it is increasing every year. Why wouldn't you use that and let them hear about your business?

The business website is a great place to introduce yourself to customers, you can reach a lot of people and you allow them to get to know your business.

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